Last Century's Greatest Confessions

American Jewish businessman, banker David Rockefeller at the last century's greatest confessions .....

Last Century's Greatest Confessions

American Jewish businessman, banker David Rockefeller at the last century's greatest confessions .....

17 Ocak 2014 Cuma 20:37
Last Century's Greatest Confessions
 Haberiumturk haber sitesi/17.01.2014

American Jewish businessman, banker David Rockefeller , the last century's greatest confessions made ​​. Rockefeller attributed to admit this , in fact, since we all know the facts ..

Here David Rockefeller said :


Take Turkey, for example . Turkey also has over the years the fight against communism . Management of the country in the 1950s , with support from Adnan Menderes had come to us . In fact Menderes had a dialogue with us , especially fine . From us in exchange for support in the elections , under the name of Marshall aid and the country by investing continuously borrows the structure of the industry was developing . But he was doing so unplanned and unscheduled spending the days when the payment from us , you do not want to pay the debt to the debt started again . We also himself country to foreign capital to open our company and our special privilege to recognize , in other words, the Ottoman Empire imposed capitulations things like 've requested Menderes us it never accepted , he said , and moving away from us Standards has begun. Country people I meet paved way for the first time , the factory was standing in a row . For the majority of the country is Muslim mosques all over the country doing the. In these conditions, the location of the Menderes in power for a long time , make it thought that . This work has come to an end with a blow and we do not want the end to finish it , even though he was executed together with his colleagues . CELAL BAYAR only survived because of a MASON and a close friend or alias Papa Roncalli 23 John , under pressure from the Vatican has saved him from death . 


In the 1980 coup that took place in the same country, in line with our request was made . At that time in the country for a leftist , a rightist coming to power and the country's economy in line with our requests were referring . However, the markets of developed countries in America and Europe have reached saturation , and we can not sell enough goods have been . On top of that we apply to other less developed countries, we want to apply them to plan and switch to a free market economy and have demanded the release of imports . This seems to have accepted that we wanted , but they were reaching out for the job .


Eventually we know the way again with this dilemma , has been solved by Ordo Ab Chaos . So first chaos , then order . Our provocateurs were initiated through the right and left ideologies fight . In fact, we seem to consent at the beginning of the War of Cyprus due to the embargo imposed on the country after the cloth from public life , the country was not found even in the oil and salt . Traffickers are getting wealthier people had fallen into misery thoroughly . Our country sent provocateurs to provoke these people was not difficult . Well as right-wing and left-wing people of the country was partitioned, and the conflict began . Events came to such a degree that , every day, fifty - sixty people began to die in street clashes . All countries were crushed beneath the fear of terrorism . People do not walk the streets in the evening had been . Every moment had to be the target of a stray bullet . Thousands of young Turkish men had perished for the sake of fitting ideology . Governments come to power on the back of each other , but did not prevent events . Then came the coup and the whole event like a knife stopper. The poor people of the country as a result of this so-called success of the coup saw . Finally came to an end because of terrorism , peace came to the country . The task of actually finished provocateur , had withdrawn from the scene . Where we played games , hopeless and desperate people into a situation and give them a "savior" is to offer you then just accept that whatever you do will be the savior .


A period of military government did state leadership and management handed over to a person of our choosing . It was Turgut Ozal . Ozal , exactly in line with our desire to end the country opened its doors to us . Our companies in this virgin market like wolves attacked. First, by keeping the prices so low they reduce the competitiveness of domestic industry . The country was now filled with American and European -made goods . Our industrial companies have slashed their inventories of our finance companies increased imports of the country in order to meet the debt at high interest rates were pulling into the bed . Thus, developing countries have called these countries in almost all implemented and in the 80s started with this project , all countries , both we receive from the goods they and the industry our companies continue to enrich up , both of these goods payment for the order to make our finance companies get from their high soft loans , are drawn into debt increasing every year . 


Meanwhile, Ozal required to do all these laws had been removed slowly . This country was wild with the capitalist system adapts so quickly , our emphasis as we never imagined, fictitious exports have discovered methods . People no longer the shortest and easiest ways of making fortunes came after . Bribery, peeling with the plots of state-owned banks , bankers scandals a few examples. Friends , friends , family, forgotten, and such concepts as those who just started seeing the money . Meanwhile, the domestic industry is dying , slowly , starting from small businesses to large enterprises, the right was spreading a wave of bankruptcies . State enterprises by providing for the appointment of the manager we wanted was ettiriliyor damage . Eventually these businesses or shutting down , or customization with the story , was captured by our companies at cheap prices .


Because brain-washed clean Ozal began to work with dreams , finally seeing the truth of this system were gradually absorbed into the wheels of capitalism itself . Family and began to rich neighborhoods . Such a case came to the princes and princesses around the Ozal began to emerge , we are turning to the monarchy , saying the country had begun to worry . Actually, if you play a comedy . Anyway, to measure the response of the people of the country from which we want to talk about ideas Kurdish state . But these thoughts were costing him dearly . We also implement our projects Kurdish state was created an organization called the *** . Organizations to deal with this huge damage to the national economy and currently his big remaining from the Ottoman Empire existed in a handful of soil Turkey, we want to reverse our no not the case. I think a little bit more from their land in the near future , after a while, which is still valid for us pursuant to the Treaty of Sevres , almost all will be forced to compromise .


Rockefeller said the acquisition also begins ;

I want to focus a bit more about Turkey because the country is in the most strategic location in the world and it is very important to us . As to why :

Once Great State of Israel a significant portion of the water resources of the land currently belongs to Turkey .

Second, Muslim and as a democratic country is a pioneer in this regard . If we want to destroy Islam from Turkey should start first .

Third, the situation is a bridge between Europe and Asia .

Mining , petroleum and natural gas with rich underground resources to dominate the Middle East and the Caucasus should be in our hands if we want this country . Middle East we counted almost . Caucasus and Central Asia as well as other Turkish states will blow soon overwhelmed with confusion and they will fall into our hands . These Turks are actually unite and come together no power can stand against them . That's why such an eventuality , every moment of our agents are watchful waiting . Our men in key positions in the Turkish state , as soon as they sensed a rapprochement between the smallest destabilizing events and strokes are preventing it .


Fourth, the country is the richest country in the world in terms of boron mines and these mines in the world in the near future , oil will become even more important .

Fifth , and perhaps most important of which Turkey is the cradle of civilization . Turks, BC, 4,000 youth living in Central Asia a major disaster after their places of residence abandon Mesopotamia and Russia to Europe via the Aryans , that the world's most civilized that we accept the Aryan race rank and European Finns , some nations , such as the Hungarians of Turkish origin. Also great civilizations in Anatolia Hittites and Assyrians who is likely to have originated from the Turks .

Before Christ 3,500 years in Mesopotamia, who lived in the Sumerians first article found in the community to ensure justice first laws which the court establishing the first using the money and collect taxes on the first school opened and wheel finds the nation : that is, of a world civilization is the starting point and strains of historians , according to studies are people of Turkish origin . The Sumerians that region's indigenous people are not , ie nomads are and our historians According to the research "girls" which means " break " word, " ox " , which means " crashed " word as far soluble around 1000 Sumerian words and " Feet on the floor, tight bass , a kind word Remove from snake holes , Sel gobble like , such as oil to melt " in Turkish, as well as hundreds proverb is used today . Is the symbol of the Sumerian moon god " crescent ", is used today in the Turkish flag . Roman and Greek civilizations have benefited quite a lot from the Sumerians , for example, structures and decorations in the temple of God comes from the Sumerian  

But we do it to cover , in the year 2000 before Christ , namely, the Sumerians 1500 years after the start of the Greek civilization to be the world's earliest civilizations were introduced to the world . More interestingly, the Greeks began before the Egyptian civilization , but they will do , but the Sumerian civilization of 1000 years after the pyramids were able to come to the level . Mayans and Incas ; Sumerian ziggurat of the year after 2000 did so in the same manner .

CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION AS TURKS could not accept this heritage should confiscate

We would not accept Turkey as the cradle of civilization , on the contrary, a thousand hands with intrigue to this cultural heritage all over the world by putting them barbarians , we , as a society recognizes no law and quite successful in it were introduced . Sumerian king Urukagina and Urnamm polytheism society , establishing among people achieve justice and injustice, to avoid passing laws , our modern society, the pioneer in hypersensitivity , but today is a monotheistic society in Turkey, which our work results , prostitution , bribery, theft, unjust enrichment and are excessive levels of income distribution .

In fact, people open their history books they read , hear the whole truth will see to believe , but it is sufficient for mankind , comes very difficult to read . 

I also see the British as he was by far the most civilized nations . They are not going to hear like I wanted to change the subject .

It was not hard to break down OTTOMAN 

" How to conquer the world country do you think? " He asked. Rothschild has continued to speak confidently about myself . 

Rothschild: I date, giving examples from our strength I want to show the First World War in Europe against us empires , deploy, and most importantly, the Ottoman Empire breaking Middle Eastern oil bearings seize and the state of Israel to pave the way had been removed . Theodor Herzl regarded as the founder of the Israeli state , then the Ottoman Sultan II. Abdulhamid , increasingly, with the support of our family wanted to buy the land of Palestine . But the sultan turned against us . It was not difficult for us to break up the Ottoman Empire . Because women typically Turkish sultans , instead of the countries they conquered, they brought as slaves were marrying women belonging to other religions and races . Of course, once these women as hurem Sultan countries and they have a say in the management of foreign origin with the men themselves, as we'd like , the country began to rule in a way that leads to destruction . Sultans of the state government is in good hands were engrossed with the idea that fun and pleasure . It also launched the era of the Ottoman collapse . Mason organizations riots provoked by the interests of people with the land began to be lost . Treasury was consumed with unplanned expenses . At the end of the war there was little left to reach our goal , but a leader Atatürk's name emerges and has caused us to postpone our plans for a while . Of course all our financial and fold the arms industry , our companies have their fortunes dozens of times . I. Monarchism as a thesis at the end of World War II , as the antithesis of democracy , ie the synthesis of communism has created .

HITLER , has BROUGHT BY U.S. , BECAUSE HERE TO INSTALL THE JEWISH state of Israel did not help

Second World War, the real reason for the moment , as the world economic crisis that began were the other one important reason of the Diaspora, the holy lands Jews living outside of the new state of Israel, help to establish they are not , and return to that country to accept mAlArIydI . Hitler and the German nation to come to the location of a spell , again, our thanks to the financial assistance that has been received by us . Harriman, Guaranty American financial giants such as trusts , the financial assistance of the German Thyssen steel king and with the support of Thule Organization , Hitler was accessing the power to start world war . Hitler was chosen for this job because they hated Jews . Reason , the grandmother next to a wealthy Jew at that time was working as a maid and the Jewish grandmother was left pregnant by her boss , who is aware of the situation of the house was fired by the lady of the house . Grandma 's lap with a baby , so Hitler's father , unable to find another job, returned to his father's house , which was dark Catholics . Hitler once learned this fact , Jews began to feel hatred . Who insisted on returning to the land of Israel in order to frighten the Jews were allowed to massacre and said a few much less than million people were killed in these massacres have been destroyed using the so-called massacre of Jews scenarios were produced. Now the same scenario massacre of the Armenian Genocide is applied to the Turks under the name . This absurd tale of genocide, the Turks will be loaded and so Turkey will be forced to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in compensation . This will be a big blow for the Turkish economy .

ATOM BOMB , Germany , where Jews would be disposed of , THEREFORE were incited JAPAN

Zionist who hated the Germans at that time president of Einstein's letter to the American President Roosevelt to send a proposal to work with the atomic bomb under the Manhattan Project had been initiated and results in a short time . But there was a problem , try this bomb was very powerful and can be made with the support of the people of America to enter the war was supposed to . In addition, a large number of German Jews lived in the city , this country would be dropped atomic bombs . The Japanese were incited and despite taking more notice , a play on the emotions of people to gain support , resulting in the death of hundreds of American military raid on Pearl Harbor was connived and have also overcome this problem was happening. 

STATE OF ISRAEL , Rothschild was established with generous financial support of FAMILY

And thus form the basis of a Greater Israel Empire State of Israel in 1948, was founded by the Rothschild family's generous financial support . Ordo Ab Chaos still worked. Meanwhile, in the battle to be corrected by the bankruptcy of the economies of the countries in Harriman, Rockefeller, Rothschild Vanderblit and debt money they receive from financial institutions was activated .

SOVIET UNION COUNTRIES enough to have been allocated , was GIVEN FINANCIAL SUPPORT 

Soviet Union , Hegel Dialectic need an opposing force should be created , because the American International Barnsdall Corporation of the given equipment and still American WA Harriman Company and Guaranty Trust by the financial support provided by the oil wells and mines , opening the economy has improved. Meanwhile, nations of the world have begun to make choices between communism and capitalism , the Soviet Union, we are advocating against capitalism, creating a force equal , and this game enough to sustain the country had been allocated . 


China gave the American Bechtel Corporation, the technology and brain power has become a super-power . Yet we can not control this country , the only country in the world . But they are contributing greatly to the American economy because labor is very cheap , 30 dollars a month to try to find workers in our countries sweetest dream would have bosses .

Vietnam, Korea , Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iran - Iraq , the war in Yugoslavia INDUSTRIES AND DEVELOPMENT DID TRIAL

Giving you brief examples from around the world will continue our conversation ;

In the Vietnam War , the United States and the Soviet Union for arms industry , which produced new weapons and arms industry had the chance to try to revive the state , using the old hand had been removed. ' Agent Orange ' with chemical weapons from the deadly effects of these poisons on plants was demonstrated . Economy of the country was plunged into a quagmire .

With the Korean War and the development of this country was divided into good dreams fell into the water . Thus, the country's economy was destroyed . Also in this country microbes bombs and various poisons such as dioxin and biological control experiments were performed. 

In Cambodia, the leaders refused to trade with America Sihanuk was overthrown by a coup in 1970 and to place the country into chaos , Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge was passed .

In Thailand, the country still fall over management of the dictatorial regime was established instead . The country's economy has worked with us for many years .

Indonesian President Suharto in 1957 to 58 years in the United States invaded East Timor with his arms and has created chaos will last for years , thousands of people died. 

The war in Afghanistan to the Russian arms industry has presented great opportunities to improve . We also produced new weapons were a great opportunity to try the effect . Additionally, the country has a very rich underground resources . Afghanistan management is now completely under our control .

Iran -Iraq war, Saddam was initiated by making big promises . The first task was bombed each other's oil wells and facilities . Of course we are at the end of these two oil-rich buying more weapons to win the war brought to a level that bankrupted economies . Ultimately all the cities and oil facilities would be set up again by us again . This also still be able to take on more debt than we were going .

Fill is brought to Saddam launched the Gulf War in 1990 , with Iraq once again smashes economy ; Kuwait to build back a multibillion dollar business connections were made ; American troops in the region was settled forever . In this war , the depleted uranium bombs were used for testing purposes . These bombs , the effect will last for years by radioactive substances or hundreds of thousands of people in the region , of course, in the meantime led to the death of our soldiers as well , and still continue to kill people .

1,990 cluster bombs were used in the Yugoslav wars . This technology is a great place bombs as they approached hundreds of small bombs fell on the floor when they decompose and are still unexploded bombs are always waiting for their victims they are active .

Rotthschild speech " of this country is now totally under our control Needless to say, I guess ," he took a break . Rockefeller continued from where his remains .

Zaire, Chad , Yemen, GUATEMALA , CHILE, BRAZIL, DOMINICA , Somalia , Panama , El Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Angola and the WAR AND IMPACT OUR PLANS were our 

Zaire head of state with the CIA -backed coup in 1965, said Mobutu , in the words of George Bush was our best man in Africa .

Chad government was overthrown by a coup in 1982 and instead passed to the dictator Share Harbin . Tens of thousands of people died during this transition .

Yemen until 1990 into two separate states fought each other for many years . Our companies have continued to prosper . 

In Guatemala, the government , under the pretext of the danger of the communist regime was overthrown in 1953 with the help of the CIA and the military government designated by far our countries are managed in an endless turmoil .

General Pinochet in Chile , taking power in 1973 , ruled the country for many years in line with our requests . With billions of dollars transferred to the United States as the country's economy was dragged into the swamp . Country people wallow in misery , we have become richer .

In Brazil, another country was liberated from communism . State administration was overthrown by a coup in 1964 , the country of the United States was one of South America's most reliable allies .

Dominican Republic, with a coup in 1963, in the same way we want to managers gained. The country's wealth flowed to us .

To the fight against drugs in Colombia in the 1990s under the guise of state administration were seized. CIA drug money from these countries finance their operations in various countries of the world are .

Fiji, Grenada, Panama , Somalia, El Salvador was occupied. Sarin , mustard gas, nerve gas , such as was attempted on the public . Hundreds of thousands died, and still continues to die .

Bolivia, Ghana , Ecuador, Haiti, Philippines , Peru , Uruguay, Angola, Seychelles and the coup in third world countries such confusion was always a part of our plans .

We got it under control at ALL COUNTRIES OF DIRECTORS , otherwise the terrorist events are put into operation

Gladio established in European countries like Italy , thanks to intelligence , the whole country management are kept under control .

The attacks on synagogues in Istanbul and Madrid train bombings in this country, to remind them to ignore our request was made for our .

New York Twin Towers, the Pentagon attacks, the bombings in Kenya and Saudi Arabia is completely in line with our plans were exercised .

I " m in the world throwing hand I wonder if they stayed in other countries ," he thought. Rockefeller startled me like the pleasure of finishing his drink in one gulp finished his speech ;


"Meanwhile, all the organizations have issues with very high costs . Their source of our foundations are exempt from the tax collected from donations and through our links with the mafia financed wish . No country in the world or smuggling mafia activities, it can not be done without the government 's knowledge and permission . To be done , must be collaborators in the upper echelon . This collaborators eye imbued greed for money and once people are elected to these jobs Did the infected , there is no one more outlet . Employees all over the world completely under our control crime , especially drug and arms trafficking is concerned with , the sweet money because these areas. We would get the largest share of this money and this money seemingly innocent along with the support of foundations, all these activities are financed and distributed to collaborators that include bribery and money .


These examples are only the tip of the iceberg , believe me head appears on the outside . As you can see anywhere in the world under our control . In line with our goal of Hegel 's Dialectic of how much work you can see that . Did you ever think , to the citizens of North America and Western European countries, comfortable and affluent life opportunities , while in other countries of the world and ending the misery caused an uproar there ? Our race is because of our chosen race , others are just slaves . If you want to live life to serve us in this way must . 5 billion people in the world , 1 billion people in our societies are trying to . All our wealth and our company is therefore atkılıy our countries . We developed countries , with each passing day the enrichment in the third world countries , economies collapsed , people fitting battles and events misery dragged a helpless state ; welfare living in cooperative managers and rich plates of our orders we are waiting.

Those who cooperate with us very soon, in the new world government under our administration will conduct their own territory . Third- class people of the countries according to their level of training as workers who will work in our communities as well as advanced above them in a hierarchy will serve as an administrator . This class on Saturdays for people entering the country out of all the holidays and will be removed in exchange for a paycheck , but they can satisfy their appetites , will work six days a week all year round . Our people have a very small part of the day to devote to the work and the rest of the day will be spent enjoying and entertainment .

First, consider how all this had big dreams , but those of other countries when it comes to my mind that I calculated the probabilities . Indeed, in spite of wars and uprisings watch very little television news stand in my eyes , hunger and misery I remember seeing people crawling . But I was a guy and all of the media did not have time to investigate the causes of the ...

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